We’re moving to a takeout model for a bit.
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For Chef Andre Gomez, growing up in Puerto Rico made for many fond memories; visiting his dad and grandfather at the family car dealership, playing volleyball and basketball with friends and hanging out at the local pools and parks. It was the evening gatherings with family that Andre remembers most. The laughter, the aroma of the grill and the glow of the porch light created a safe haven, a community and a place to call home.

This is the experience that Andre Gomez wants his customers to feel when they visit his new restaurant: Porch Light Latin Kitchen. Part restaurant, part lunch counter and part Latin Quarter deli, Porch Light is an experience. Like growing up in a large family, the atmosphere is noisy and action packed, lots going on; people talking, laughing, cooks calling out orders, sliced briskets steaming on Cuban bread…the clanging of plates and glass.